it was written in the stars...


it was written in the stars...

Vineyard & Private Estate Wedding Photography

Warm sunsets, beautiful views and delicious food, there's nothing better than getting married on a vineyard or a beautiful Private Estate near Melbourne. It's not only the perfect setting for an intimate celebration, but also offers so many great opportunities for photography. But don't worry: You won't see cheesy smiles, hipster poses or something stock-standard and boring. Instead you'll get images that are natural and elegant, with a focus on all the beautiful moments between you and your loved ones. Images that make you feel happy and maybe a little bit romantic whenever you look at them, images that help you celebrate all the beautiful people and love in your life.

Photography from the Heart

'Photography from the heart' means images that perfectly capture the emotion of the moment. They are not only beautiful to look at, but can make you feel again the way you felt on your special day. My clients often say that they chose me instead of a different photographer as they could see so much emotion in my images. When looking through my portfolio they felt they could relate to the people in the photographs, even though they never had met them. Your wedding day will be full of beautiful heartfelt moments to remember, and capturing these in beautifully crafted, emotionally strong images is my special talent.

About Me

Two of my greatest passions have always been photographing people and landscapes, and they have found their perfect home in wedding photography. Completing a Master of Arts in fine art photography has made the technical skills of photography second nature to me, while photographing over 300 weddings means I've also become really good at helping you navigate the logistics of your wedding day. In the time leading up to your wedding day we'll catch up a couple of times to discuss ideas and make plans. Once your day has arrived you won't have to worry about a thing - simply have fun and enjoy the people you are with. I will be there, heart wide open, to capture each and every special moment for you.

I also believe that weddings are far too important to leave communication purely up to email – it's amazing how much more one can get out of a quick old fashioned phone call. Feel free to reach out to me to check my availability for date or ask me any questions about packages & pricing, my complimentary consultation, or how I work. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

We knew we had the best photographer from the second we hired you, but when we saw the pictures, and began to get teary-eyed... it confirmed you were the best! When a couple can look at their photos and feel the same emotions as their wedding day, it is incredible.
— Emma & Chris Saliba



For a day as special as a wedding you can only hope your memories (photos) will capture the essence of the day. You have a true gift, the pictures are creative, stunning and beautiful.
— Corey & Jess



The cost of priceless memories

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, a rite of passage to celebrate the love and commitment between you and your partner. It's important that you find the right photographer to entrust capturing these special moments, and the price you pay for photography is an investment into the memories you will have in the future.

Investing in beautiful, high quality wedding photography will also give you great value for your money. Your dress, the flowers, all drinks and food at the reception and almost every other part of your wedding day can only be enjoyed once. Great wedding photography however will give you enjoyment for the rest of your life. You can view your images again and again and re-live the memories and beautiful feelings from your special day.


My most popular Package:


• 2 pre-wedding consultations
• photography at groom's house
• photography at bride's house
• photography of ceremony
• creative portraits with bride & groom
• photography of the reception
• all images in high resolution
• a private online gallery
• a beautiful handcrafted album
• a face-to-face album design session

I only photograph a limited number of weddings each year to make sure you receive the best service possible.

I also believe that weddings are far too important to leave communication purely up to email. The connection between you and your photographer is so important – the more comfortable you fee around him, the more natural your images will be. Let's have a quick chat on the phone, I'd be happy to help you figure out if we’re a good fit.

We were so thrilled with every aspect of you and your work for our wedding day. The photos are just perfect and summed up the day brilliantly - everything we could have hoped for.
— Jackie & Tony