Hi. I’m Robert, your soon-to-be wedding photographer

I've been called a romantic at heart with a knack for creating amazing photographs full of emotion.

I don’t go for cheesy smiles, hipster poses or looks that are stock-standard and boring.

Instead I'll capture images that are natural and elegant, with a focus on all the beautiful moments between you and your loved ones.

Images that make you feel happy whenever you look at them.

Photographs that help you celebrate all the beautiful people and love in your life.

Let me capture the emotion of your wedding day and weave it into a beautiful photographic story.

We knew we had the best photographer from the second we hired you, but when we saw the pictures, and began to get teary-eyed... it confirmed you were the best! When a couple can look at their photos and feel the same emotions as on their wedding day, it is incredible.
— Emma & Chris Saliba

Why your search for a wedding photographer ends here

In an age where there are smartphones with some pretty good cameras, you may wonder why you should hire a wedding photographer.

There is one thing you can't locate in a Google search or learn from a YouTube video - experience.

In the past 20 years I have covered over 300 weddings.

In that time I have learned a vital lesson - things can happen that are beyond your control on your wedding day.

Don't freak out about that. 

You have to keep in mind one thing above all else once your wedding day dawns - it's a day that celebrates and marks the beginning of the rest of your life together with your spouse. So choose to have fun that day, no matter what.

As a veteran wedding photographer, the unexpected no longer fazes me. 

I have learned to adapt to any situation I find that was not originally planned for, and to fulfill my duty to my clients - which is to capture the beautiful moments of their special day.

And that's what I'll do for you. 

If the unexpected comes a-knocking, be it foul weather, family drama, someone who needs special consideration,or not enough time allocated for your photoshoot, rest assured that I will still be able to deliver high-quality images that preserve the beauty of your wedding day.